A famous blogger.

It started a long time ago, I always wanted to become a blogger and get famous like everyone wants to. I wandered about things which every blogger may have thought about. What will I post? Will I have readers? Will I achieve my dream? Will my blog be good? Always surrounded by thousands of questions and only one dream. A dream to become a famous blogger with millions of readers.

Only thing I had to do was to think of a topic and start posting. I thought of every topic I could post on, from science to magic, poetry to stories,  literature to battles, history to future. Choosing a topic for the blog was the most difficult task. Then one day I was sitting,t thinking about the topic and came up with an idea in my mind that if I post about magic or science it would be good. But I had very few things to post so I had to change the topic then suddenly I realized the world around me and my life and came up with an idea to post about stories from my dreams and life. If I post about my dreams and life I would never get out of stories and there will be new posts everyday. This was final, I was to post about stories about my life and dreams. Everything was going good in my life except the fact that I had a big problem. A problem even able people were not able to come over, a problem called time. I had no time for blogging. So I SQUEEZED time from my schedule for posting. I made a blog and started posting. The blog was called “my everyday story”. The first followers of my blog were my friends and then people I didn’t knew started following my blog and then I posted everyday and gained new followers everyday. I didn’t go on outings, instead I choose blogging.

It was going on like this and in one year I had 20k followers. I kept on blogging. No matter what. And then the time came when I reached 1M followers. “1M  followers”. I shouted loudly and jumped off the chair and started dancing like a lunatic. I was the happiest person in the world at that moment. Then I heard someone shout “you’re late for school” and I woke up from my sleep.


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