Earthquake earthquake!

I was in school and was handed over a task to get the school photographer and take pictures of the preparations for a fest in school which was going to be held. I called the photographer and was assisting him on different areas and telling him how to sort pics.

We were at 3rd floor and everything was going great and suddenly, the building started shaking and the emergency bells started ringing loudly.

Panic, panic, panic everywhere. Everyone was running and I had no idea where to go. The photographer told me to go out of the building like everyone and he will come behind me.

I did as I was told. I was running and then I noticed something you will never see, maybe. The photographer was taking pics of running students standing over staircase railing. I was astonished and continued what I was doing.


Later when everything was normal I was thinking about what happened and the photographer was still in my mind. How can someone doesn’t cares for his life and is so keen to do what he likes?

I never got my answer. Maybe you all can tell me why.