The scary house

I was in my second favorite city- Delhi, with my cousins. Delhi + me + my cousins=fun. We were at my uncle’s home, deicing to do something adventurous. My cousin had heard about a “ghost mansion” called “The Scary House”. Scary House, the name itself was scary. At least there was scary in the name. We decided to go there. It was decided that we would go there at night after 8. Going to a ghost mansion ride which people said was damn real after dark seemed adventurous.

We took permission from our parents to go there and with us came more people, my aunt and my mom. We were 8 people in total, me, my sis, my 4 cousins, my mom and my aunt. We left for Cross River Mall where “The Scary House” was, we didn’t had to cross any river to reach there.  We reached there and the first thing we searched there was “the scary house”. Everyone was excited about it. It was on the 4th floor. We all went there and I paid for 8 tickets at the counter and soon we all were in queue waiting for our turn. The person who was checking our tickets was dressed like a vampire and had a club in his hand. He was looking scary. He told us that we would enter a room and then he would close the door. After that we would have to find our way out. While waiting for our turn we all heard people inside scream “aaaaaaaaa!” it sounded scary and we all were afraid when our turn came. The vampire dress man told us that only 5 people are allowed inside at a time. We requested him to send 8 and wasted a lot of time there. He got so mad that he let us all in and with us he sent the next 5 people group also with a guard to help the second group. Only 5 people were allowed inside and we were 13 and a guard. Once we were inside the vampire dressed man closed the door with a loud bang, and suddenly nothing, not even white was visible.

We all arranged ourselves in a line. The guard was the leader, I was behind him, my cousins, my sis and others were behind. We heard different spine chilling sounds aaeeeeeeeee, hehehehe, hooooooo we all started shouting and there came from nowhere a witch. She scared the crap outta all of us. The only things that we could see there were ghosts, witches and other things like that because they all carried candles with them. Then while walking we came around a room, the room was well lit and there was a round table there with people sitting around. They were eating raw meat. When we were going outside that room to next one of the ghosts came running behind us with knives “I want meat. I want meat” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, AAEEEEEEE, we all shouted and ran outside the room and entered a dark room. Nothing was visible there, my head hit against a wall and I shouted “aaaa”. Everyone added to my shouting “aaaaaaaa ,aaeeee” without knowing what had happened and then things continued. We all were shouting and ghosts were coming and going and after walking a few miles, at least that distance was miles for us, we saw light, ran there and found no way out. Suddenly 5-9 witched jumped on us “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”  we all shouted and they pushed us and we all were out.

After we were out, it took us few minutes to get into breath. We were scared that those creepy things will ruin our dreams. It was actually a scary house.


Nothing like your city.

It was December, time for our looong winter vacations. I was very excited to go outstation, somewhere I could just enjoy and forget about everything. My parents decided to go to Delhi to my uncle’s home. I was very happy to go there. I was not sure of it would be fun or not, but it was for sure that I wasn’t going to miss school but friends. I was to go with my mom and we were to stay there for a month. A month, that’s a long time. It was going to be fun. Me + my cousins + holidays = fun. That was simple. Delhi was not new to me, I knew many roads and places and could go to different places on my own. My dad dropped us at the airport and I was happy that I would be in Delhi in 2 hours. I reached Delhi and my uncle’s home. I was very happy to meet him and my cousins. I and my cousins used to go to new places everyday and have lots and lots of fun. I was very happy, but then after a week I started missing things, my friends, my room, my home, my laptop and other important things. I wanted to come back home. I had to stay there for 3 more loong weeks. ‘3 weeks’ I said to myself. I can stay here for three more weeks. My fun days soon changed into boring days after my cousins’ school started. Now we didn’t go for excursions everyday. I was getting bore there and was missing my home, friends, laptop and school. I hadn’t thought of it even in my wildest dreams that I will miss school. But I was missing it. Somehow 3 weeks passed and I reached my home. The moment I reached my home I just switched on my laptop and relaxed in my room and remembered those moments in school with my friends.
I learned a lesson during my stay in Delhi that wherever you go, your city will always be missed by you, no matter what.