Nothing like your city.

It was December, time for our looong winter vacations. I was very excited to go outstation, somewhere I could just enjoy and forget about everything. My parents decided to go to Delhi to my uncle’s home. I was very happy to go there. I was not sure of it would be fun or not, but it was for sure that I wasn’t going to miss school but friends. I was to go with my mom and we were to stay there for a month. A month, that’s a long time. It was going to be fun. Me + my cousins + holidays = fun. That was simple. Delhi was not new to me, I knew many roads and places and could go to different places on my own. My dad dropped us at the airport and I was happy that I would be in Delhi in 2 hours. I reached Delhi and my uncle’s home. I was very happy to meet him and my cousins. I and my cousins used to go to new places everyday and have lots and lots of fun. I was very happy, but then after a week I started missing things, my friends, my room, my home, my laptop and other important things. I wanted to come back home. I had to stay there for 3 more loong weeks. ‘3 weeks’ I said to myself. I can stay here for three more weeks. My fun days soon changed into boring days after my cousins’ school started. Now we didn’t go for excursions everyday. I was getting bore there and was missing my home, friends, laptop and school. I hadn’t thought of it even in my wildest dreams that I will miss school. But I was missing it. Somehow 3 weeks passed and I reached my home. The moment I reached my home I just switched on my laptop and relaxed in my room and remembered those moments in school with my friends.
I learned a lesson during my stay in Delhi that wherever you go, your city will always be missed by you, no matter what.