I was lucky, maybe

It was summer 2011, we had just shifted to a new area and I needed to go to Town Square for some work. No one was available at home who could drop me off. So I thought I would go alone in public transport. My mom gave me some money  to hire a taxi, I made a deal with her that I would go on a bus and will keep the money I save. It was okay with her. She told me to call her as soon as I reach there. I went to the nearest bus stop and just when I reached there, a bus came, I asked the conductor where it was going “Iqbal Park” he replied. Town Square was in the way so I jumped in and found that there was no seat, I was the only person standing.

I was getting bored so I started playing games on my phone. After 20 mins my short journey came to an end. I paid the conductor and jumped off the bus. Then I put my hands in my pocket to take out my phone to call my mom. I realized that the phone was not in my pocket. I searched every pocket. Panic! I dropped my phone in the bus.  The bus had stopped for some passengers. I ran after it, the bus started. Bus was running, so was I. The distance between bus and me increased. I was about to give up and feel sorry for myself. Suddenly the bus stopped again and didn’t give up. I reached near the bus and shouted “ruko” (stop). The conductor heard me and asked the driver to stop. I climbed in the bus and there on the was my phone lying. I thanked the conductor and God.

I was breathing heavily. My heart was about to come out of my mouth. I sat down on the pavement, relaxed and called my mom.  Had I not been lucky, I would not have got my phone back.